Phase I – Planning

Understanding Client Requirements: 

Without getting the outline clearly, no one can execute a project effectively; this is an absolute truth especially in recruitment sector. Since we deal with humans, we have to understand our client & candidate requirements right from the very beginning. Bridging a client and suitable candidate is an art which is mastered by our recruiting team to a greater extent.

Our recruiters ensure that they have thoroughly understood the given manpower needs through training, one-to-one discussions, mentoring & brain storming sessions. Prior to passing on the resource requirement to recruitment team, our business development managers visits the client organization to study their organizational structure, people, process, business, the manpower need and then they impart these information effectively to the recruitment team to fetch best-matched candidates who exactly fits-in the company’ culture.


Demand Analysis & JD Development:

 As per our SOP, we ensure to get the job description from the client to effectively execute the sourcing process, in case of non-availability of Job description from client front, our recruitment team describes the roles & responsibilities and develops a job description which is the confidential property of the organization. Our recruiting team publicizes the developed job description only after obtaining certification from the concerned HR decision maker.


Deciding Recruiting Tools:

 Organizations differ in people, process, product & technology. Likewise every organization’s job related requirement is also different. When we encounter a junior cadre and a senior management vacancy from the same client, to execute the recruitment project successfully, we have to decide an effective sourcing strategy using specific recruiting tool.

May Avenue Staffing Solution   Business Solutions has 100 thousand referral candidate network, 10 Million+ Online Candidate database & strong influence in social media networks, depending on the viability our recruitment team selects the candidate sourcing tool through analytical skills & thoughtful research methodologies.